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He joined active politics in 1995 by joining Assam Gana Parishad (AGP) and nominated as central executive member of it.

In 1996 General Assembly Election he contested from Sadiya Constituency. He was elected as the youngest MLA at the age of 30 years. In the year 1998, he became the Minister of Tourism, Assam. In 2001, he was elected as MLA for second time. In 2004, he was nominated as spokesperson and member of steering committee of AGP. From 2008 to 2012 he was nominated as general secretary of the party.

In 2011, after another poor showing of AGP in the state assembly election he along with some of his colleagues started a reform process of the party. His initiatives were supported by many leading intellectuals of the state. But he failed to motivate the top leadership to reform and restructure the party. In frustration some of his colleagues left the AGP and joined other political parties. Jagadish Bhuyan too resigned from the primary membership of AGP and joined Bharatiya Janata Party. He is currently the executive member of BJP, Assam Pradesh.

On June 7, 2015 after stating "I have lost faith in the AGP which has become directionless and was shrinking each passing day. The BJP on the other hand is the right party to fight for the cause of Assam..." Jagadish Bhuyan along with several senior members of the AGP from Tinsukia district to join the BJP.

Now he is the one of the Media Panelist of the party. He is currently the Chairman of Assam Petrochemicals Limited with Cabinet Rank.

On December 12, 2019 when BJP led NDA passed controversial Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) in Parliament of India and made it Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) without any safeguard to Assam Mr. Bhuyan resigned from the primary membership of BJP along with the Chairmanship of Assam Petrochemicals Limited and his Cabinet Rank on December 13, 2019. Jagadish Bhuyan told media "When I saw the revised CAA was against Assamese people, I decided to quit. From now I will take part in anti-citizen law protests".

The new regional political party promoted by the All Assam Students Union (AASU) and Asom Jatiyatabadi Yuba-Chatra Parishad (AJYCP) has been named the Assam Jatiya Parishad (AJP). Jagadish Bhuyan has been appointed as the coordinator of the party. The party has started its organizational activities and it will hold a people's convention in November.


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